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Sue Kerr, author of “When White Women Magazines Disregard Indigenous Women of Color”, expresses her thoughts on Whirl Magazine and co-founder Christine Tumpson’s event logo’s effect on indigenous women in Pittsburgh. A women’s networking event hosted by Whirl was titled “POW WOW” which left native women feeling attacked. As a result, comments left on the event’s Facebook page regarding the truth behind the use of the acronym were taken down. As a result, a statement brought from Whirl stated that the acronym was not used in connection to native people or native cultures. Supporters of the event stated that Christine Tumpson is not racist, but other locals in Pittsburg thought otherwise. Not only did the Native American community feel…show more content…
Celeste Scott is a black femme activists who recruited other women of color and created their own woman’s march titled “Our Feminism Must be Intersectional” which was hosted on the same day the white woman march was scheduled. The main idea of hosting the intersectional rally was to raise awareness the women of color experience gender and race discrimination. When Celeste Scott commented “Is this a white feminist thing?” on the event page, many furious women argued back and forth, which led to having two different marches hosted by two different color groups. According to Rebecca, “They say that when they tried voicing their concerns about the march’s lack of inclusivity, they were silenced and told they were being divisive” (1). For this reason, women of color do not voice out their opinion and are blocked from hearing what a white women’s group must say. To further explain, Whirl Magazine apologized to the indigenous women but did not take reasonable ownership of their mistake, which does not get rid of the damaged that was caused (Kerr 2). Although a city was divided with two separate women marches, raising awareness and demonstrating that women of color do not always have an opportunity to voice out their concerns proves that they are not equally treated with respect. Women are color are taking a stand against white women in a march intended to inform their audience that women of color deserve to speak out on issues that have a negative effect.

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