Sues 's Health Services Delivery And Ways Improving Provider Skills

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sues in health services delivery and ways in improving provider skills I. INTRO This paper is intended for healthcare employees and their managers who are intrigued in improving and bettering the quality of the health care system they use everyday by fostering changes in this process while in the process of patient care and employees performance. It should be of assistance in the idea of ways how to promote change and how to overcome obstacles to positive change. In a time and era of fiscal constraints and health care reforms, people all over not just the country but the world are now demanding greater quality in the health care they receive and the accountability the employees distributing the care. Evidence for the need to improve quality is widespread throughout the healthcare system. Large variations in patterns of practice that are now being observed that cannot be explained by differences in the needs of the community served in specific areas. Studies have shown that high rates of inappropriate care and error during care given by doctors and healthcare professionals which is inexcusable. Since we expect workers within the health care system nowadays to continue to work for their hospital or practice for at least twenty or more years in their career. Thus, managers, supervisors, and any employee must pay close attention to how to continue their professional development and assist themselves in bettering the care that they provide to patients. Every worker
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