Suffering: A Film Analysis

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Surprisingly, as I watched the documentary I was able to relate to some of it and had some questions/ things that stood out to me. The first thing that popped out to me was when they asked the audience “Have you ever had a moment when it felt like everything was right in the world?” my answer is yes. This summer I spent my brake having an internship in London. Over the period of time, I was able to take a trip to Kew Gardens. Instead of spending just a couple hours in the garden I spent a whole day there. It was peaceful and it seemed like no matter what happens as long as I stayed in the garden the world was as pease. The second point that popped out at me was the quote where they said: “that life is bigger than what people think and there…show more content…
In my life, I have experiences looking for deeper meaning and it took me awhile to find it.However, I found it in Christ. The third point that popped out to me was “Suffering is a journey into the deep meaning of life”. Due to my religious beliefs, I believe that Jesus’s suffering opened up our opportunity to the deep meaning of life everlasting. Being able to relate with someone suffering and come alongside them is a huge sacrifice. By coming alongside a suffering person you have to lay down your pride and be vulnerable to that person so you can relate to a common pain. The fourth things that popped out at me were when you travel you learn how people live. Over the summer even living in London for a short amount of time I pick some of their mannerisms, and expressions leaving behind my standard American way. In the documentary that didn’t read about where they were going, they full on experiences it putting everything at risk and being vulnerable. The 5th point that popped out to me was that In all three experiences they all asked Why are these people's lives worth living? In the documentary, they asked this questions because in all three of the experiences were focused around the outcast of the
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