Suffering, Solitude and the Struggle for Identity

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There is nothing more central to the human experience than the search for identity, no cause greater than the search for oneself, neither hunger nor peace. The core desire for every human being is acceptance: love. Because of this desire, the search for true identity is often littered with a series of varied facades; a reshaping of one’s inward perception with the changing of social currents. Despite the true nature of identity lying well within the boundaries of the human body, many query these foreign sources in an attempt to create their identity, usually one far removed from what lies within. This reliance on foreign influences when molding the perception of one’s identity creates a crucial impasse in the concurrent search for…show more content…
Coping with the question that has plagued me this night, my mind conjures images of the previous day. A few hours ago we celebrated; our third summit reached in one day. I made a brief call to my mother letting her know that I would be safe within a few hours, back in the relative safety of societal confines, threw down some trail mix and began the final descent. We were happy, having just completed an unusual form of self-torture known as the Three Sisters Traverse (a single day push across and over the Three Sisters (North, Middle and South) invented by climbers in 1931), our minds were set on reaching the car in a respectable time (the goal of the traverse is to go from trailhead to trailhead in under 24 hrs.) Blissfully unaware of the night ahead of us we were careless in what is supposed to be the simplest part of the trek; locating a widely used trail down the southeast ridge of the South Sister, and became hopelessly lost within an hour. That is why I am here, at least in the most practical interpretation of the question. But I long for an answer more satisfying to my search for genuine identity, what has driven me to put myself in a place that I could very well die? What am I doing here? True identity cannot be stated by what is: it must be defined b y what is not. Just as pure joy cannot be expressed by any singular adjective; the idea of identity is ambiguous at best, and for each person has a unique significance. Much in the same way that identity
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