Suffering and Death in Africa Essay

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In Africa, it is a known fact that many people are suffering from a variety of diseases. Currently, the most common diseases is HIVs/AIDs, which is especially a problem in South-Africa. Almost 68 percent of the people suffering from diseases have HIVs/AIDs. It was recorded that out of 58.03 million people who died globally in 2005, 10.9 million were from Africa. And also that almost 50% the population in Africa lack of access to essential medicines, meaning that people are suffering and dying from the simple lack of materials. While more than 70 percent of HIV infection worldwide is through heterosexual sex, in sub-Saharan Africa the percentage is higher (Jackson 2002). Another way that HIV is transmitted is HIV-infected mother to her…show more content…
But ARVs drugs don’t prevent infection or cure the virus. But they do, however, put a stop to life cycle of the virus, preventing its reproduction and its life cycle. ARVs can reduce the patient's viral load to undetectable levels. But ARVs were unaffordable in Africa until 2001 when an Indian drug company, Cipla, offered to provide a year's supply for $350, one-fortieth the cost in countries such as the United States. Although the price of ARVs has fallen dramatically, only a few Africans have access to the drugs. Also not only is it the lack of transportation but also the lack of knowledge that have affected the people. With better knowledge there could be nurses and doctors helping out the people in need. And it is because of the lack of clean medical equipment’s, malnutrition, parasitic infection, poor sanitation, knowledge and lack of transportation that many people are suffering and dying each and every day. An American scientist, Peter Duesberg, stated that the HIVs/AIDS known and recognized in African are no way simile and are completely different from the HIVs/AIDS found in American and European. Duesberg said that, they way HIV is transmitted and handled in the USA and Europe are not in any way similar in the way it is transmitted in Africa. In Africa the HIV virus is not very commonly responsible for any of the sexually transmitted disease that have been happening in the USA and Europe. He stated that many of the diseases that are diagnosed as AIDS in
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