Suffragette Movement

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My Essay is about The Suffragettes Movement and its impact on the modern world today. Since 1800’s, when it was believed that women should not have the right to vote because of their soft and emotional nature and their incapability to make major decisions, women today have come a long way.
‘’Suffragettes was the name given to women who demanded the right to vote in elections.’’
The Suffragettes Movement was set up in 1897. This movement was set up because women wanted Parliament to address women’s issues and a Parliament full of men would never do this. Women teachers, doctors and those who worked in factories and mills had shown that they were capable of doing jobs that men could do and therefore felt that it was
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Women argued that although their work was highly appreciated and praised, they wondered why they were being excluded from voting.
To achieve their goals, the Suffragettes initially set up a group called The National Union Of Suffrage Societies (NUWSS). This group wrote letters to the MP’s and used various peaceful means to gain support. They had processions, had public meetings, individual women’s gatherings and used their own media for publicity. This group did not achieve progress or recognition as the Suffrage was rejected 15 times since it was first put before Parliament in 1867. With time, the press and the public lost interest in their campaign. However, the NUWSS group leader Millicent Fawcett believed that the slow and steady pace towards change would be unstoppable and serve its own purpose of gaining the vote for women. Due to the NUWSS having unproductive results, some women lost patience with the groups non-violent strategy and formed a new group called Women’s Social And Political Union (WSPU) which was led by Emmeline Pankhurst and her daughter Christabele in 1903.
The NUWSS were now known as the Suffragists because of their peaceful approach and the WSPU were known as the Suffragettes because the WSPU used action to prove their point. ‘’ The suffragette movement would not have succeeded without all the women who marched, sold papers and got arrested’’ – Source B page 113 Living through History. Their motto was
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