Sugar Beets And Its Effects On The United States

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Sugar beets are grown throughout the world. Mostly where there are cooler temperatures and climates. Sugar beets are grown in countries like China, United States, Russia, and Japan. Russia is the leading producer of sugar beets with the United States trailing in third. Some of the states in the United States that grow sugar beets are Nebraska, California, Colorado, Minnesota, and Wyoming. Some small farmers have figured out that you can also grow sugar beets in some warmer climates as well. Farmers have also figured out that sugar beets attract a lot of deer and now they are looking at feeding sugar beets to livestock. Some sheep and cattle ranchers graze their sheep and cattle on their sugar beet crop. The cattle will eat the leafy tops of the beets. But sometimes the cattle will eat some of the smaller sugar beets and choke on them. The sugar beet tops can also be used as silage because it is an excellent source of protein. Sugar beets are most commonly known as a commercial crop grown for sucrose production. Sugar beets and sugar cane are two of the leading factors for sugar in the United States. Sugar beets accounts for just over half of the sugar production. Sugar beets in the United States are usually planted anywhere between April 20th to May 10th. It is said that if you wait till after May 10th, then your yields might fall. It takes about 90 to 95 days for sugar beets to reach maturity. The ideal daytime temperatures are between 80 to 60 degrees and the ideal…
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