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Alexandra Mitchell Dr. Lamont King GAFST 200 November 30, 2010 Sugar Cane Alley Jose understands at a young age that in order to escape the indentured life of working in a sugar cane plantation like his ancestors before him, he must do something different. In the classroom, Jose is a very bright student as seen through his peers and especially his professor who eventually helped Jose get into a prestigious school because of his academic excellence. He assures his grandmother who is his sole provider and family that one day she’ll no longer have to work tirelessly in the sugar cane plantation. Jose dreams of taking work in a more profitable and higher field then the plantation his community is chained to all being done by attaining…show more content…
Many Chibaro workers as cited in his article couldn’t even pay off simple life necessities such as groceries, which forced them to have credit further lengthening their stay at each plantation. Many times the communities only had one grocery store, so for more control, the labor industry would inflate the prices making it nearly impossible for the people to be out of debt and even able to leave their workplace in search of more prominent work availabilities. For example, in the movie, a woman and her family couldn’t afford her groceries so she asked the clerk to put it on their tab which would need to be paid off making their stay permanent until they were free from debt. But this proved impossible to clear debt, because a worker’s paycheck given by the tightly controlled economy never amounted to what a family needed to get by. Mr. Mdeouze acts as a mentor and he opens Jose’s eyes to the corrupt society and how it in some ways mirrors the past. Although they are free from slavery, their freedom is limited by the labor-controlled economy making any further progress beyond the abolishment of slavery nearly impossible, “…we were free but our bellies were empty.” Mr. Mdeouze does although make one factor clear to Jose and that is the distinct value of

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