Sugar Coated Lies Essay

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The massive appeal for artificial sugars and sweeteners in America started out in the 1970s and 1980s and has affected American eating habits ever since by its dominance as the most used form of sugar. (Frincu-Mallos). Parallel to its introduction to the food industry, American society at that time was struggling with an onslaught of health problems and diseases. Some have wondered if there is a relationship between the introduction of artificial sweeteners and the rise in American health problems. Stemming from this inquiry, research has been conducted, purposing to find relationship to artificial sweeteners and chronic diseases and illnesses. Some research has provided proof of artificial sweeteners negative effects on health living.…show more content…
Shocking evidence has been found that the use of artificial sweeteners makes one gain weight rather than help lose it (Yang). It might even factor into childhood obesity. Proof of this was illustrated by “A two-year prospective study involving 166 school children [which found] increased diet soda consumption was associated with higher BMI Z-scores at follow-up, indicating weight gain.”(Yang) Since most obese children have a 70% chance of becoming obese in adulthood, this research on artificial sweeteners needs to be made known to the public. The effects of artificial sweeteners on obesity in American Adults also should be more publicly pronounced. The adult percentage of obesity in America is over a third of the population – an equivalent of 71 million people. Most of these people would benefit from knowledge about the health risks of artificial sweeteners, but the food industry has not presented it. As aforementioned, there is evidence that artificial sweeteners help to gain weight rather than lose it. In adults, evidence was shown in a study of women by the Nurses’ Health Study. The research reported that saccharin (Equal ®) use was associated with an 8-year weight gain in 31, 940 women. The vast effect of weight gain in the study shows that artificial sweeteners are significant in obesity.
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