Sugar Creek : Life On The Illinois Iowa Prairie, By John Mack Faragher

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Sugar Creek: Life on the Illinois Illinois Prairie, a monograph written by John Mack Faragher discusses the life of settlers in Sugar Creek a town of Sagaman county, Illinois. Faragher argues the discoveries of the environment, society, culture, and economy in Sugar Creek throughout the nineteenth century and the changes, development, improvements with it. There are four common themes throughout the monograph: First, the kicking out of the Kickapoo and other Indians in place of Anglo-Americans. Second, the relationship and changes between men and women’s roles throughout the nineteenth century. Third, the community life and the sensibility of bringing the town together. Finally, the transition of agriculture and the innovations that changed the town. Faragher uses many censuses, charts, and records to get an idea of the transition of life in Sugar Creek and the affects it had on the community. Although Faragher presents many arguments he does not entirely discuss the men’s involvement in contrast to women’s roles in the household and town. The first argument Faragher presents in Sugar Creek: Life on the Illinois Prairie is the warring off of Native Americans with Anglo-Americans. The Kickapoo, an Indian tribe that settled in Sangamon Country, a county full of many resources that were vital for survival. The Kickapoo knew the land and hunting was their number one economic activity (Faragher 20). Fur trading became an important market between Native Americans and the

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