Sugar Is an Addiction

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In today’s world with the rapid growth in population the societies are facing some of the major issues like obesity, health problems, early deaths and abnormal psychological and physical behavior. These concerns lead scientist to perform test to study the changes around the globe.
Now if review one major aspect that is being under discussion by the people is the “sugar controversy “declaring sugar as an addiction like any other drug heroine, morphine or codeine.
In early times sugar was taken as a pleasure of life and with passage of time it became a need for people and dependency on the product increased making its use in not just food items but also
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(Avena et al., 2004.
There are many experiments done which concluded the fact the addictive medication stimulate DA-comprising neurons and these neurons target the areas n brain that give boost to the addiction. Brain has a passageway in brain that links the individual to the sentiment of reward this is known as mesolimbic dopamine system. This circuit (VTA-NAc) basically exhilarate the reward system, manages humans response to rewards.
Any substances that stimulate the release of DA constantly fall in the category of items that can be addictive now this process can be control through self-administration.
There is range of foods that can discharge DA in the NAc, consist of lab chow, sugar, saccharin, and corn oil (Bassareo and Di Chiara, 1997; Hajnal et al., 2004; Liang et al., 2006; Mark et al., 1991; Rada et al., 2005b). The increase in space outside the cells carries on the meal in rats that are distressed due to lack of food (Hernandez and Hoebel, 1988). Though, in animals with full appetite, this DA release is highly dependent on the uniqueness or freshness of food as the level of urge has declined with constant access even if the food is pleasant. Only to the exception to the animals that were deprived of food
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