Sugar Rush Narrative Essay

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Today I decided to take Vesper to a quaint little candy shop called Sugar Rush. (Idk if this is an actual candy store but I don't own it if it is.) We were filling little baggies with all of the candy our childish hearts desired, giggling and joking around. I had a mix of purely chocolate, and Vesper was just getting hard candy, and gum because "duh it's the best kind of candy", according to Vesper. I was reaching out to grab some sour gummy worms when Vesper grabbed my arm, causing me to drop my precious chocolate. I turned to snap at him when I saw him stumbling around, waving his arms around in front of him. "I- I can't see! Harry! I can't see!" He yelped, sounding scared and panicked. I rushed over to him, just in time to catch Vesper as he fell to the floor, unconscious. "Someone call 999!" I called out, laying Vesper in his lap. I pushed away a strand of blue hair from Vesper's forehead, trying to keep himself from panicking. Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm, I chanted in his head, help is on the way. People were crowding around him, saying things he couldn't comprehend, tears blurring my vision, but i was holding them back for Vesper. Then somebody was lifting Vesper's unconscious form from his arms. I started to protest before realizing it was the…show more content…
Need Tom! Going to hospital! Please meet me there! Im freaking out! This is the address!" I yelled quickly before giving him the street address before hanging up, not letting Harrison gets a word in. I put my head in his hands, steadying my breathing. The paramedics were talking quietly to each other, glancing at me every once in a while. I turned my gaze to Vesper, laying unconscious in front of me. I studied him, taking in every feature, every dimple, freckle and quirk of his beautiful face. And I realized I was scared to lose him. I didn't want him to die, because I loved him. Realizing that felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I grinned despite the situation. I loved
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