Sugar Scare : The Causes And Effects Of High Frructose Corn Drinks

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Sugar Scare
High fructose corn syrup is a corn starch that has been processed to make most of its glucose into fructose, thus making it a glucose-fructose compound. It helps contribute to a lot of today’s health problems. High fructose corn syrup’s fructose is metabolized in the liver. This leads to fat storage in the liver which may eventually cause non-alcoholic liver disease and many more health problems. Without even noticing it, high fructose corn syrup is in a lot of the average American’s diet. This is because it is a very cost effective way to sweeten food. Although most people would consider themselves free of high fructose corn syrup by avoiding the more obvious foods like soda or candy; high fructose corn syrup is in even the most basic of foods like yogurt. With more knowledge on the subject avoiding high fructose corn syrup is as easy as looking at a food label where it is clearly marked. High fructose corn syrup causes both major and minor health problems.
First, we are going to talk about high fructose corn syrup’s impact on the heart. Sudawska (2017) indicates that cardiovascular disease is a main cause of premature death. This is important because it effects people of all ages; everyone is vulnerable. With a change of diet something as major as cardiovascular disease can be easily avoidable. High fructose corn syrup effects the heart because of a rise in serum triglycerides which will promote formation of fatty plaques in the arteries and cause a rise in

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