Sugar 's Effect On The Brain

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Sugar 's Effect on the Brain
David Morrison
Genesee Community College

Sugar is the most commonly consumed food on a daily basis. Sugar in low amounts is good for the brain because it gives the brain energy. However, many people overindulge in sugar through soft drinks and other sweets. Sugar has been shown to be addictive and its effects parallel with drugs like cocaine. Also, sugar does mess up the brain 's normal chemical production. It will even be detrimental to physical parts of the brain. Sugar is a very powerful compound and people should be aware of the effects it can have on adults and on growing minds.

Introduction Research shows that sugar has a major effect on dopamine production and is addictive. Sugar also affects other brain chemicals like serotonin and acetylcholine. Sugar is a very simple compound that has very powerful effects on the brain. Sugar addiction is proven and it is similar to alcoholism and drug addiction. Sugar diminishes the effectiveness of dopamine receptors over time and this causes you to eat more and more to get that same satisfying feeling. Sugar can even be appealing while you are full and withdrawal symptoms of sugar parallel with drug withdrawal. Sugar can affect the hippocampus negatively and many diseases are associated with excessive sugar intake. This research should show the dangers of excess sugar intake considering how much sugar is in the food people eat daily. Having addictions at an…
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