Sugary Diet Vs Western Diet

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In the article, the author is trying to prove that the high amount of dietary sugar in typical western diet would increase the risk of breast cancer and metastasis to the lungs. According to Co-author, Lorenzo Cohen, “Dietary sugar induces 12-LOX signaling to increase risks for breast cancer development and metastasis”. This means that the sugar in western diets, such as soda and fast food causes 12-LOX production to increase, which would also increase the risks for breast cancer and metastasis. When a lot of dietary sugar is consumed, the sugar would have an effect on an enzymatic signaling pathway called 12-LOX which can cause breast cancer. The consumption of sweetened beverages has also increased in the United States, which is a prime contributor to obesity, heart disease, and cancer. The author made the topic more interesting by including the serious diseases that can be caused by the western-sugary diets.…show more content…
At 6 months of age, the mice were tested to see if they have developed any tumors. The results are that about 50 to 58 percent of mice on a sucrose enriched diet had mammary tumors and 30 percent of mice on a starch-control diet had measurable tumors. Metastasis to the lungs was also much higher in mice on a sucrose enriched diet than mice on a starch-control diet. They made a conclusion that food that includes dietary sucrose or fructose affects breast tumor growth and metastasis. They believe that this requires further investigation to find out more about the issue, such as whether it has a direct or indirect effect. The article helped people learn what causes breast cancer and how dietary sugar would increase the risk of it. It also taught people to be aware of what they are consuming because if a lot is consumed, health problems would be a dangerous consequence to
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