Suggested Strategy for Central High School

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Needs Assessment As chair of the committee charged with the recommendation for the purchase of new computer equipment, I will detail a suggested plan for this $50,000 project at Central High School. The high school has 1000 students in four grade levels (9th through 12th), and has approximately 60 and 20 supporting staff. An inventory of the computers at the whole school was conducted to understand what is currently available. There is currently one computer lab per grade level in the school with 22 computers each, allowing for each grade use of this for one period per day. There are also two computers in each classroom (one for student use, one for teacher use) as well as a bank of computers in the library. There are also individual computers for the guidance counselors, nurse, principals and assistant principals, and office staff. As the inventory was being done, a survey was passed out to all of the staff asking where the needs were greatest and what specific equipment was lacking. The overwhelming desire of the majority of the teachers was more computers in the individual classrooms, specifically in the math and science rooms as a lot of current information was required and there was a lot of competition for its use. There was a great desire to be flexible and move the computer from place to place, such that a laptop computer or tablet computer was preferred over a desktop. Market Research In order to take the needs of the school and convert that into a proposal, I
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