Suggestions For Reducing Corruption Of Public Organizations

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4 Suggestions for Reducing Corruption in Public Organizations Lots of factors can have effects on the degree of government corruption, thus it need a sophisticated system to combat corruption. This part will give some suggestions for controlling the degree of corruption to the largest extent. 4.1 Reasonably Undertaking Responsibilities The government should reasonably shoulder own responsibilities. Considering what has been discussed above, the government with more responsibilities would have more incentives to obtain illegal profits when the responsibilities of government are more than the scope that the fixed incomes can meet demand. The more incentives to obtain illegal profits, the more corrupt practices will occur in the…show more content…
In this context, the government can afford the responsibilities in the case of the fixed revenue. Thus, the government corruption can be reduced to some extent. 4.2 Implementing Institutional Reform The government should implement organizational reform in public officials, which means that the human resource’s department should cut down the redundant staff. Based on the above analysis, the government spending will raise with the increase of government scale, the possibility of corruption is more likely to happen. Thus, it is necessary to cut down the number of public officials, which is the premise to reduce the degree of corruption. As Murphy (2014) suggests that the model of ‘Small Government and Big Society’ is beneficial to the effectiveness of government operation. The big scale of government largely results from the arbitrariness in government work (Aidis et al., 2012). The arbitrariness of government could use public funds to enlarge the scale of government, because the increase of public officials can share the workload on the former staffs. But as it stated before, the expansion of government scale will lead to corruption. Therefore, it should strengthen the force and effectiveness of law to manage public officials, the staffing should follow the legalized management system. The government cannot increase the number of public officials at will, the superior government and the public can regularly evaluate the government work and employee
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