Suggestions for Building a Strong Brand

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I will make three suggestions that you could use to help build a strong brand. I will apply this to the three levels of a product. First I will make a suggestion to help your core product, which is at the center at your business, then secondly another suggestion to aid with the actual product, then secondly the augmented product, this is known as the three product levels.

The three product levels is a theory Philip Kotler talks about in his book “Principle of Marketing”. The first level is the core product, the second level is the actual product and the third being the augmented product. The three levels of a product is a model Kotler talks about that allows a business to build its products, and learn how to package the three elements
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By having a slick website that is written in HTML5 & CSS3; which is de facto standard; allows the business to closely link its customers, website and physical presence.

An example of a business that links its customers, business & website together is apple. When a customer walks into an apple store they know and feel that its apple, the same with the website, as their user experience is consistent and a customer can very easily identify apple by its branding. The business needs to use its branding, come up with a house style (if it doesn’t already have one) and possibly a slogan, and then cascade this through to the website.

2. New email address - Use online and offline marketing to bring the physical presence, website & customer together. (core)

Goal: to achieve consistent brand image and ethos across all customer touch points.
How: better website, and a new email address @ the businesses domain.

At the moment the website goes against the ethos of the business. The business, customer and the website are three separate things, the website doesn’t link very well into the business, this is shown by the use of a generic email address, instead
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