Suggestions for Grand Kampar Hotel's IT Upgrade

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As in suggest in our proposal, for the convenient purpose of customers, Grand Kampar Hotel should put two or three laser printer at the lobby. As shown at the snapshot above, the printer model Canon MF-8010cn Colour Laser Printer provide user multifunction such as print, scan as well as copy. It also provide to the network connection. This model of printer can be a choice for Grand Kampar Hotel. In addition, computer area that enables customers for online business or entertainment purpose will be a need for Grand Kampar Hotel. In order to have a computer area, hotel merchant may need to search through the product models that are suitable for customers in both business and entertainment purpose. The model shown below can be a considering choice of the hotel. This model comes in set and the merchant need not to find other components of computer for setting up the computer area. This model support operating system (OS) of Windows 8.1 with memory of 2GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB SATA HDD. GS30 Finger print Access Control is more preferable to be fixed in Grand Kampar Hotel’s office to control the staffs’ attendance. It provides not only fingerprint identification method but also proximity card as well as pin to control employees’ attendance. It is liable to setup and enrolment of new users through the keypad or via management software. It can store up to 8,000 fingerprint templates and 200,000 transaction records. It is a heavy duty and accurate CMOS exposure Optical fingerprint

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