Suicidal Thoughts In Firefighters

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Firefighters that are having suicidal thought can have symptoms that are similar to PTSD symptoms. Persons who are contemplating about committing suicide or having suicidal thoughts can have a troublesome time focusing on the tasks they are doing. Firefighters may feel as if their world needs to just to stop, a person who wants to commit suicide usually do not tell anyone how they are feeling. They may be embarrassed or simply just do not want to tell anyone because that is how they feel and are choosing not to get treatment. A common symptom one may feel isolated from others, or perhaps feeling hopelessness or worthlessness. Symptoms can include feelings of depression, firefighters can have a hard “shell”, what this means is it can be difficult for others to visualize depression in the firefighter. However, the person is having negative thoughts or ideas, which puts them in this way of thinking. Firefighter…show more content…
acknowledge that there is PTSD or suicidal thoughts present, firefighters can receive help from professional therapists to reduce the amounts of these two behaviors. Fire departments have therapist that have knowledge in the fire service to understand where these firefighters achieve these behavioral thoughts. Management can provide resources should as psychotherapy to firefighters; firefighters would be able to talk counselors with the issues of why the person feels like they are experiencing symptoms of PTSD or suicidal thoughts. Counselors will guide firefighters to properly controlling negative emotions productively. Management along with the firefighters would try different varieties of therapy if certain types do not work; the last choice firefighters should choose is being prescribed medications. Medications like antidepressants, anti-anxiety that helps reduce symptoms for being suicidal and certain medications can be used with post- traumatic stress disorder symptoms (Suicide and suicidal thoughts,
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