Suicide : A High Risk Of Suicide

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Many people think of dentistry and other healthcare careers as stressful professions and the media has repeatedly represented dentists as health care workers that are at a high risk of committing suicides. Although suicide is fatal, in cases of surviving of an attempt, it still has physically and psychologically devastating consequences not only for the suicide attempt survivors but also for their relatives and close friends1. This paper reviews the studies about suicide among the dentists to analyse profession-related stressors that put dentists at a high risk for suicide and explore possible preventive strategies and treatments.

Demographic factors
It is important to take into account demographic factors when trying to see whether the profession itself causes high suicide rate among dentists. Demographic factors such as age, gender, race and marital status affect an individual risk of suicide compared to the rest of population. According to national institute of occupational safety and health (NIOSH), men have four times higher risk of suicide than women of their same age group2. NIOSH data also showed that Caucasians and older individuals have a greater risk of attempting suicide compared to non-Caucasians and people of younger age group. Being married can act as a protection factor against suicide. There are studies, which have shown that dentists have a high divorce rate3. Many dentists get married while they are in dental school and they end their relationship due to…
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