Suicide Among College Students

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Suicide has become a critical, national problem and the extent of this is mind-boggling. Suicides have been proven to be one of the leading causes of death among college students. According to Webters dictionary "suicide is the act killing oneself on purpose". It derived from the Latin sui, meaning "self", and caedere, which means "to kill". But this is just a definition, because an actual suicide holds different meanings to people such as tragic, shocking, a relief, a cry for help, a shame, heroic, the right choice, punishment, revenge, protest, anger, a mistake, desperate, hurtful and many more. But why do people, like college students who have their entire future ahead of them, simply give up hope and turn
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And on top of that they are pressured and pushed to do their academic best. When it is time to go away for college the youngsters have to build a new life at their school, no connection with their parents and without an idea about their uncertain future. I met youngsters at Long Island University and heard cases of other college students who came from different states to get education, they attend classes, work day and night without any help, and in addition lack good relationship with their parents. One of the reasons they told me is that they never felt a connection with their parents even when they were in high school; their parents never listened to their side of the story; and their parents were never around when they needed them. One of the students said, " I wish my parents weren't so busy in their own matters so they would have paid attention to me".
The recent cases that occurred at New York University are shocking enough and further evidence of college students committing suicide. According to Chicago Tribune, three recent incidents that took place in past 13 months at New York University were of Diana Chien, who was 19, had lived in New York for only a month. She transferred here to be close to her boyfriend. John Skolnik, who was 20, a junior from Evanston, Ill., who had just returned from a summer study trip to Cuba. And Michelle Gluckman, 19, who
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