Suicide Among Teenagers : How Do Social Factors Worsen A Suicide?

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Suicide among Teenagers
How do social factors worsen a teenager’s depression leading to his suicide? Suicide is a prevalent problem that occurs throughout the world especially in adolescents. In Judith Guest’s novel Ordinary People, she discusses the issues that a teenager encounters after the death of a loved one as well as his constant struggles dealing with his parents. Outside sources give insight what adolescents face within the family, with friends, and the emotional disruption it can cause leading to thoughts of suicide. Social environments can cause psychological difficulties aggravating the thoughts of a depressed teenager. Factors such as peer, family, and psychological influences can exacerbate a teenager’s severity of depression ultimately leading to his suicide.
To begin with, suicide is common among many young adolescents. Those who seek suicide view it as an option to end the pain they are dealing with. Friends that do not understand the issue can worsen the situation and the teenager feels even more isolated. Adolescents are more prone to suicide when they have little to no relationship to members of society. Social groups as school that exclude a teenager, cause him to feel isolated and unwanted, which lead to self-harm. Those that feel isolated withdraw from society and activities that once made them happy. Non-communication with friends can lead an adolescent to feel as though he is a burden or are not worth having friends. If this occurs, it can

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