Suicide Among Vietnam Veterans

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The military is one of the most culturally diverse employers in the world, therefore it is hard to identify a specific target population at a higher risk of suicide. However, from the research conducted by Kemp and Bossarte (2012) the data shows white male veterans between the ages of 50 and 79 were more likely to commit suicide than any other race, gender or age group. Additionally, the periods in which the veteran served also plays a huge role in veteran suicide, where the data shows Vietnam veterans are significantly at a higher risk for suicide (Kemp & Bossarte, 2012). It must be said, there is research which shows there is no statistically significant increases in suicide mortality among Vietnam veterans when compared to other war era veterans (Bossarte, Claassen, & Knox, 2010). The research conducted by David Lester (2005) shows there are several reasons for this. First, America engaged in the Vietnam War without the approval, of the United Nation (Lester, 2005), causing a nation to become divided. The war was meet with mix views and opinions however, veterans from Vietnam were not accepted or appreciated by the general public around the world, and here in the United States. These veterans were protested…show more content…
According to Currier et al. (2014), it was the drug and alcohol addictions lead to the suicidality among the Vietnam veterans. The official number of Vietnam veteran suicide is most likely an undercount, because some suicides have been classified as accidents, and again, others are not even counted as veterans if they were dishonorably discharged. Furthermore, the number still appears to be much greater than previous wars veterans including the Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans with estimates of over 200,000 Vietnam veterans committing suicide (Lester,
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