Suicide And Suicide : The Theory Of Suicide

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When referencing suicide, it has and continues to evoke a wide range of reactions such as bafflement, dismissal, anger, and moral or religious condemnation. The most widely known and utilized tactic that society approaches this subject as a means to denounce and prevent suicide is based on the divine command theory. This is based on a cluster of related theories that state that an action is right if God has decreed that it is. (Weirenga, 387) For Example, Judaism, establishes that preserving human life is to be considered and respected in a way that outweighs any considerations of passive or active forms of euthanasia, leaving the choice of life or death to the creator.
The gift of life bestowed by God, can be reclaimed only by him. Man dare not push the divine hand, so to speak, through an overt action but may, through prayer, presume to tell God what to do. (Veatch, 74)
The sacredness of life isn’t just being reflected in one particular system of faith and worship, but in a multitude of religions such as Roman Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam, and Protestantism. Based on these command divine theories, by taking your own life, you are morally bankrupt and shall face a never-ending, conscious punishment. Therefore, there’s no moral dilemma pertaining to killing yourself for those that follow any of these rules based principles. Immanuel Kant whose ideologies are influenced by divine command theory argues that man has no right to dispose of his/her life by degrading us from that of humans to beasts. He states: Man can only dispose of things; beasts are things in this sense; but man is not a thing, not a beast. If he disposes of himself, he treats his value as that of a beast. He who so behaves, who has no respect for human behavior, makes a thing of himself. (Edward, 1)
Kant asserts that we must treat humanity, whether in your own person or in that of any other in every case as an end itself, never as a means only. He also proclaims that, “From self-love I make as my principle to shorten my life when its continued duration threatens ore evil than it promises satisfaction. (Brassington, 2) In other words, self-love is implemented in order for humanity to improve, but death offers no such opportunity. But what

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