Suicide And Teen Suicide

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Did you know that suicide is the third leading cause of death in teens fifteen to nineteen years old? This is article is about an issue that the author Brogan discussed in 2014 “Teens’ brains make them more vulnerable to suicide” This article discusses the facts of how different part of the brain influence suicidal thoughts and or actions. The author concludes agreeing to the researcher's perspective on how suicidal thoughts shouldn’t be looked past but addressed and taken care of with medical attention. To build her case, author Brogan speaks of the results of how certain parts of the brain influence different behaviors. This article is not effective because her tone is not very passionate but her article does have some facts and talks about research studies that could interest some people. Meanwhile, her article has a lot of information, it is lacking personal feelings and opinions. It is not very appealing for personal feeling, with it being a sensitive area I think bringing in personal feelings would make the article more enjoyable to read.

The importance of understanding why this is an ongoing issue is necessary so we can learn from the past. Teen suicide has been going on for many years, I’m not trying to say it’s a new issue. But, what seemed to be a “trend” in the 80’s and 90’s as became more than a trend today it has become a very common death. Social media has an enormous effect on suicide today for example cyber-bullying. Cyberbullying is when someone is bullied online and that is why it’s a huge issue today. The thesis of this article is “But these days, researchers are beginning to understand exactly why a teenager’s brain is so tempestuous, and what biological factors may make teens’ brains vulnerable to mood disorders, substance abuse, and suicide.” The author doesn’t necessary have a compelling perspective but she does have statements and facts from psychiatrists. She does have evidence of how each part of the brains plays some kind of aspect of suicide, mood disorders, and substance abuse. She also discussed a two different studies and she describes them backing up her beliefs on this topic of mental health. I wouldn’t say it’s a recent event but the increase of suicides in teens today than

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