Suicide Cases

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Chapter 1: Introduction Teenage suicide, unfortunately, occurs in every corner of the world. It is a very serious problem and has been labeled as a growing epidemic by many health professionals worldwide. In Malaysia, the rate of suicide is alarming. According to the report of a local newspaper in Malaysia, Nanyang Siang Pao (2011), there was 445 suicidal cases (347 males and 98 females) reported for the first eight months of 2011 as compared to 290 cases in 2008. This accounts for the generally higher record of suicide attempts in males than females in the Malaysian context. In addition, the rates for those of 30-39 years (109 cases) and 20-29 years old (108 cases) was significantly higher compared with other age cohorts. The report…show more content…
Suicide is now a major public health problem. This problem has become the third most common cause of death amongst adolescents between 15-24 years of age. Suicide has become the one of the factor of decreasing population worldwide. From the World Health Organization (WHO) report: The rate of suicide is almost universally higher among men compared to women. Suicide is a leading cause of death for young adults. It is among the top three causes of death in the population aged 15-34 years. World health organization statistics show that on average every 39 seconds, one person committed suicide, suicide become one of the leading cause of death on worlds. It is estimated that there are approximately 10 million to 20 million cases of attempted suicide. Youth’s suicide becomes the urgent concern in Malaysia. According to NSRM (National Suicide Registry Malaysia) website, rates of suicide cases keep rising in Malaysia among teenagers. The Health Ministry reported that every day, 7 people, mainly young adults, end their own lives. An estimated 140 people attempt suicide daily. In Malaysia, it has found out that almost 7% of the adolescent had the ideation of suicide and majority they turned their thoughts into action. The National Suicide Registry Malaysia (NSRM) estimated that between January and August last year, a total of 425 people committed suicide, averaging 60 per month
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