Suicide Impact On Society

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A common misconception faced by society is that a crime can be truly victimless. It is true that not all crimes are intended to harm other individuals or oneself, however, this is an after effect that is directly caused by the breaking of a law. What are commonly seen as victimless crimes pertaining to consenting adults performing illegal actions can cause harm. Such crimes that are considered to be victimless include: suicide, consensual fights, and drug use. Not only are these crimes seen as controversial topics in the public eye, but, they show the direct unintentional physical and mental harm that is placed on society.

Impact on Society of Suicide Suicide is a controversial topic in today’s society, as some individuals believe it causes no effect on other individuals. This statement, however, is false because not only will it affect your family but it effects your colleagues, friends, and even old classmates. One of the hardest things that a community can face is the loss of a young person’s life, as it effects everyone in the community. This death can lead to multiple community members feeling guilty, not only for not having prevented the suicide, but also due to distress, anger, and confusion. More specifically, in regards to family members, it can lead to mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, divorce, and are at higher risk to commit suicide themselves (Tracy, 2016, para. 3,4,5,6,7,8,9). The distress not only will have short term effects but it will
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