Suicide In Japan: Too Much To Bare, Too Hard To Live

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Suicide cases in Japan have been found across different gender-age groups with various occupations, in both males and females, from children to seniors, for various reasons. The negative impacts of unemployment problems and social pressures are the major reasons that causing suicides among Japanese people. In addition, there are several country-specific and culture-specific kinds of suicides in Japan, such like honor suicide (or moral suicide), Internet suicide, responsibility-driven suicide, and charcoal burning suicide. There are several important factors linked to the suicide rates, which are levels of incomes, economic growth, divorce rate, birth rate, female labor force participation rate, and alcohol consumption. The negative impacts from those factors have been increasing the suicide rates in Japan. Those factors are directly influencing the suicide rates. Besides those direct factors, there are lots of indirect factors that influence the suicide rates in Japan, such as movies, music, TV shows, and reading materials. Those direct factors give people motivations to suicide, and those indirect factors give people ideas or instigation to suicide. The negative impacts of suicides in Japan are not only influencing people who have involved in suicide cases, but also influencing the entire Japanese society. By tracing the data of suicide rates in Japan over…

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