Suicide In North America

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"More people in the general population die from suicide than homicide in North America. There are almost 11 suicide deaths each year for every 100,000 people living in the United States, and for every suicide, there are between 8 and 25 attempts" (Brent 4203). Based on this research, the great effect of suicide is displayed. According to, suicide can be defined as "the intentional taking of one's own life." Suicide is a major issue for all people, but it most obviously affects those ranging from ten to twenty-four. People need to understand the tremendous ramifications caused from suicide everyday; when people take their lives, others lose their loved ones. Suicide, one of the leading causes of death of numerous people each day, has reached a crisis point for adolescents and young adults, and it needs to be prevented.
Because of the immense effect of suicide on young people, it is important to recognize what suicide is. For example, "Suicide is defined as the intentional taking of one's own life" (Brent 4203). The definition of suicide can be simply defined as the taking of one's own life on purpose. When someone ends their life, it is described as a suicide. In addition, some other definitions of suicide include someone who purposely takes their
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A statistic pertaining suicide and gender is that women are more common to attempt suicide; men are more likely to complete suicide (Nelson, Ballas). Females are more likely to talk about their emotions. Sometimes, they may attempt suicide to seek attention or express their emotions. On the other hand, males normally keep all of their feelings on the inside. Because of this, men could be more prone to actually ending their life over seeking attention. The gender issue linked with suicide can result in men and women reacting differently to their emotions, showing how much of a problem it
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