Suicide In Vietnam

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In the north Ho Chi Minh, introduced a Communist regime while in the south, Ngo Dinh Diem became ruler. However in the early 1960 South Vietnam was rocked by demonstrations and in 1963 Diem was ousted in a coup. The Americans then bombed the north and Congress passed the Tonkin Gulf Resolution allowing the president to take all necessary measures to prevent 'further aggression'. As a result by December 1965 there were 183,000 US soldiers in Vietnam and by the end of 1967 there were nearly half a million. However the Vietcong continued their guerrilla war. In January 1968 the Vietcong launched the Tet offensive in towns and cities across South Vietnam. They suffered heavy losses but afterwards the Americans gradually withdrew from Vietnam. In January 1973 they signed a ceasefire and the remaining American troops withdrew.

The South Vietnamese continued to fight the Vietcong alone. However
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Equipment is cheap and medical staffs are not trained. Patients have to pay for expensive treatment, but there is a new insurance that greatly pays it. Births and life expectancy are both rising, but Vietnam faces many health challenges. In particular, AIDS is increasing, fuelled by a growing drug abuse and unsafe sex. However, the country has scored some remarkable successes, notably being the first country in the world to eradicate an outbreak of SARS in the spring of 2003.

Asian states have had border surveillance to prevent the spread of a severe flu virus. Cambodians are protesting Vietnamese squatters and armed men by the borders. Cambodia also accuses Vietnam of a wide variety of illegal cross border activities an estimated 210,000 Vietnamese refugees reside in China. The 10 year long demarcation of the China-Vietnam land boundary was completed in 2009. Economic Exclusion Zone negotiations with Indonesia are ongoing, and the two countries in 2012 agreed to work together to reduce illegal fishing all
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