Suicide Is A Natural Process Of The Human Race Essay

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Death is inescapable; it is a natural process of the human race. While this is true, suicide is less understood, despite its frequent occurrence throughout history, in all cultures (Kastenbaum, 2007; Khan & Mian, 2010; Lester, 2013). Although there is no single, universally accepted definition of suicide, the definition offered by many leading organizations including, the World Health Organization (2015); American Psychological Association (2015); and Ministry of Health (2005, 2015), is that suicide is the act of purposely killing oneself. However, this is not the only definition of suicide found in the literature, Silverman (2006) reported that there are as many as 15 frequently referenced definitions of suicide. Although these definitions vary based on their theoretical orientations, which stem from numerous disciplines, such as psychology, psychiatry, sociology, public health and others, they share four essential characteristics. These include: (1) the outcome of the suicidal act is death; (2) the act is self-inflicted; (3) the intent of the act is to end one’s life; and (4) at the time of the act, the person possesses a conscious awareness of the outcome (Silverman, 2006). Part one of the literature review will highlight the importance of suicide. The following themes will be discussed: issues with suicide statistics and reasons for under-reporting, global suicide statistics, New Zealand suicide statistics, evidence-based suicide risk factors (static and dynamic risk

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