Suicide Is A Problem For Our Younger Generation

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Suicide has different faces. The faces of neglection, depression, oppression, and even the means of abjection. Not only does suicide affect the victim but also the people who love and cherish them. Suicide is real . It is a problem for our younger generation. Suicide is the third leading cause of teens ranging from age twelve to twenty four (journal of school health). “For every completed suicide there are about 25 attempted suicides and an even greater number of individuals exhibiting nonfatal suicidal thoughts and behaviors.”(journal of school health)There are plethora of reasons why teens attempt or commit suicide. For example , a great number of teens commit suicide because of mental illness. The most common depression , bipolar disorder, or borderline personality disorders. (healthy place) Although, this seems as a coping deal the internal distress lives on forever. Suicide ideation is when a person has thoughts about taking their life away. Suicide attempts is when a person does a certain behavior with intent to take away their life.
Suicide is all too well known for me . In the ninth grade i lost my grandfather . He was more than my grandfather . My grand like was like my father. He was the man who made me smile , he was the man who told me that it would be ok, and he was the man who was my hero . On October twenty second two thousand twelve I called my granddad’s phone repeatedly but to my dismay I never got to speak to him. I am thinking to myself, “What could be…
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