Suicide Is A Serious Issue Essay

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Suicide is a serious issue that affects several individuals and families all over the world. This is a growing epidemic that researchers are trying to keep up with and figure out the main contributing causes while also performing preventative measures that will ultimately save lives of others. Over the past decades, the rates of suicide have continually increased and are becoming an alarming reality that most people are faced with. 30,000 Americans die by suicide each year; an additional 500,000 Americans attempt suicide annually (Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, 2004). These are large numbers of individuals who have committed suicide or have attempted to. Most individuals who attempt to commit suicide or have completed it often times share many of the same risk factors, signs, and/or symptoms. These risks factors, signs, and symptoms can change over time and also vary by age, gender, and even ethnicity. It is important to examine one of the main risk factors that are associated with suicide and this is mental illness. In the past, as a society we were very reluctant to discuss that suicide and mental illness are directly related. This was because most believed that suicide was neither predictable nor preventable, but now with prominent research we have it shows a positive association between these two variables. With the advancement of research and technology, we have a better understanding of these certain mental illnesses and can provide

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