Suicide Is A Significant Epidemic Among Youth, And Society

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According to the World Health Organization’s 2001 report, “Worldwide about 1 million people die every year by suicide” (para.1). According to Szumilas and Kutcher’s 2008 article, there are several factors that could be considered risks associated to suicide as well as methods to help prevent such an occurrence. The effects of self-harm are incredibly far reaching, having an impact on the lives of those close to the victim as well as the community as a whole. It discusses some common risks and certain school and community prevention methods that have the potential to be effective. Suicide is a significant epidemic among youth, and society needs to be better aware of its effects. As stated in this article, there are several potential risks…show more content…
The media has a strong influence on how society, especially youth, think and act. As suggested, after witnessing news reports of a suicide, individuals might see all the attention it is receiving, making it seem more approachable. This article clearly informs the readers about the possible risks that could result in self-harm and effectively brings awareness to them. Although it is difficult to get exact statistics for the reasons why someone may commit suicide, it does give logical common risk factors that have been known to be associated with it. The writers use logos style to get across the risks that go hand in hand with suicide. One might also suggest that they used ethos because it consisted of factors that could be relatable to the reader or someone that they may know. This article provides important information about suicide risks, as well as some methods to help avoid self-harm. One might argue that there is a negative stigma regarding mental health disorders, usually giving the impression that to have one, makes you weak. Unfortunately this view from society often will prevent youth from seeking help, being wary of the judgement that they may receive. This causes a suppression of the illness that will often lead to more harm than good. As seen in this article, it is important that parents, professionals and society are better aware of the risks (mainly mental disorders) and how to recognize them. Teachers as well as physicians should be better educated
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