Suicide Is A Significant Epidemic Among Youth, And Society

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According to the World Health Organization’s 2001 report, “Worldwide about 1 million people die every year by suicide” (para.1). According to Szumilas and Kutcher’s 2008 article, there are several factors that could be considered risks associated to suicide as well as methods to help prevent such an occurrence. The effects of self-harm are incredibly far reaching, having an impact on the lives of those close to the victim as well as the community as a whole. It discusses some common risks and certain school and community prevention methods that have the potential to be effective. Suicide is a significant epidemic among youth, and society needs to be better aware of its effects.
As stated in this article, there are several potential risks that could lead to suicide, such as family influence as well as history of suicide, previous attempts and history of childhood abuse. The most prominent of the risks however is having a mental health disorder, including but not limited to those associated with moods (ex. Depression, anxiety and bipolar), behaviour (ex. Aggression) or substance abuse. This is supported with statistics that over 90% of individuals who have attempted or completed suicide had at least one mental illness (para. 5). Another common and significant factor that mainly involves youth is “suicide contagion” (para. _ ). Those who may be having thoughts of self-harm will usually be more likely to attempt it after seeing or hearing about a recent suicide; most often from…

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