Suicide Is An Issue Among The Human Species

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Suicide can 't be stopped, even with preemptive measures in place. It is widely known that suicide is an issue amongst the human species, and the human species alone. Many have either seen or heard of suicide in some way, shape or form; though it is unfortunate, it does occur. Though many have heard of it, some may not know where how it is manifested. Suicide is brought on by depression. Depression, though is not the most common, can be seen in a good majority of people. Due to its unknown properties, depression manifests itself in a variety of ways; one of those just so happens to be suicide. It is hard to detect when someone is depressed enough to the point of suicide. So much so that, even some famous celebrities have committed suicide. For example, comedian, Robin Williams was one who unfortunately partook in the act. Suicide, despite how unfathomable it seems to some, does occur. It happens in all places from residential areas, to out in the open, but most surprising of all is that it even occurs in some of the most famous and recognized landmarks. All over the world, deaths have been recorded on some landmarks; one, in particular, is the Golden Gate Bridge. Some choose this bridge to do the unthinkable and jump off to end their lives. Due to the threat of deaths occurring on the bridge, some have proposed adding precautionary measures to prevent the deaths. The idea of putting up railing or fencing was a possibility mentioned to make the Golden Gate…

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