Suicide Is Nothing At Joke About The Modern Society

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Suicide is nothing to joke about. In 2015, most people wouldn 't know about the common problem of the modern society. That problem being elder suicide. Along with most people not being aware of this problem, Most people would not understand why this problem exists. As shown by research, there are important biological, psychological, and social factors that influence suicidal behavior in older individuals. As shown, by identifying the variables that influence suicidal behavior, clinicians can find new ways to prevent and intervene with suicidal older individuals. The paper concludes that only a coordinated effort between different health care providers can effectively address elder suicide.
While most of the society doesn’t seem to be concern about elder suicide, statistics show that this phenomenon is indeed a major problem. For instance, research shows that around 18% of all suicides are committed by elders, particularly by elder men. The “baby boom” generation is particularly more predisposed to suicidal behavior in all life stages compared to older or younger cohorts alike. It has also been found that elder suicidal behavior tends to be more highly lethal compared to other age groups. While the number of attempts per completed suicide is 20:1 in the general population, it is as high as 4:1 in the elder population. This difference can be explained by the physical illness that older individuals tend to experience, meaning that many of them are more likely to die from…
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