Suicide Is Reaching Epidemic Proportions All Across The Globe

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Suicide is reaching epidemic proportions all across the globe. What is causing such an outbreak in young adults? Most people have heard about the get help hotlines and the advertisements associated with suicide. Although we 've all heard about it, not much is being done about it. Johnson states the facts about suicide, “claiming 39,518 lives in 2011, or more than 6,889 more than in 2005” (10). This small piece of information goes to show just how much suicide has increased in the last few years. Besides being the number 10 cause of death among all ages in the U.S., it is the 2nd leading killer of adolescents, or “people between ages 15 and 19” (Peacock 1). Also, the number of completed suicides only touches the surface on the dilemma it truly is; this is because there are 25 suicide attempts per every suicide (731). What goes unnoticed is that suicide is on the rise for a number of reasons including mental illness, bullying, social media, and high expectation perfectionist teens. Mental illnesses, including the number one untreated cause for suicide, depression, account for “90% of suicides” (Randall 532). Depression causes “serious negative consequences” that may lead to suicidal behavior if not taken care of properly (Martinez 2). Anxiety, another mental disorder, may cause worry and over analysis in even simple tasks. The risk for suicide is noticeably higher within the first year of diagnosis for those with anxiety and depression. However, patients with schizophrenia,
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