Suicide Note By Brendon Howell Oakley

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Suicide note Brendon Howell Oakley was the popular guy at Grady Peaks high school. He always had been, even as a freshman. He had medium length, wavy crimson hair that always managed to perfectly cover his right eye, ironically covering his mutation. Brendon was born with heterochromia iridium that meant his eyes were of different colours. His left eye was a dark blue shade however the right eye was a blood red colour. Thus his nickname the Crimson Curse, aptly given to him by the females of his year group who were seduced the second they looked upon his face and into his eyes. His face was sharp and refined as if too even look upon it would cause a paper cut. He was in great physical health, sporting a six-pack and being the captain of…show more content…
He had to keep everyone thinking he was alright in order to show them he was still strong and not weak like he wanted to be every moment of everyday. Derek told him that if he was to ever speak about what happened on that night and what he did, that he would snap his neck in his sleep. So, he droned through life everyday like a soul-less, heartbroken corpse. Over the succeeding months he developed several mental disorders including anxiety, anorexia, paranoia and most prominently depression. He no longer cared what he looked like to everyone else and subsequently, he now had messy stubble on his chin, his hair grew out and became messier and messier the longer time went on, he became little more than flesh and bones, he no longer had the muscles he once had mostly because he found it difficult to get out of bed in the morning and consequently could not continue his daily gym routine, he dressed in long black jumpers and jeans that were far to thin for his waist. He lived like a drone, not being able to show any from of genuine emotion on his sharp features. All he could ever muster was sad, blank or grief-stricken from the loss of his mother. The only time he could ever feel any sort of normalness was when he caused himself deliberate harm. The cuts down his arms symbolised for him the pain, to him the crimson liquid freshly dried on his arms emerging from within his flesh was the same as him letting the deep sadness, furiousness and anger

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