Suicide Rates Among Youths Aged

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Suicide rates among youths aged 15-24 tripled over the past half-century suggesting a public health crisis in this community.4,16 Many general studies of the youth community are in existence, but to create an action plan, the individual risk factors and characteristics need to be better understood. One risk factor of particular interest is sexual orientation. Studies suggest an increased risk of suicidality in sexual minority youth (SMY) and the purpose of this paper is to better understand this correlation.8
A systematic review of literature was conducted. PubMed was searched using the terms suicide AND sexual orientation which produced 1503 results. To further narrow the search, filters for free full text, publication dates within the last 5 years, and human species were added yielding 144 results. Using the same filters, but changing terms to suicide attempt AND sexual orientation narrowed the results to 59. During the review, it was found that studies indicate a large disparity exists between SMY and their heterosexual peers with regard to suicidal behaviors.2,8 SMY are indeed at a greater risk for high risk behaviors associated with suicidality.12 The review also found interventions have proven to be largely effective.9,13,14 It was concluded that youth suicide is truly a public health crisis. This paper proves a strong correlation exists between a specific risk factor, sexual orientation, and high risk behaviors including suicidality. In order to best serve this…
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