Suicide Rates At South Korea And Wales

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Suicide is defined as “The action of killing oneself intentionally” within both South Korea and Wales. Suicide is seen as a huge social issue in both Wales and South Korea, both countries have seen a huge rise in suicide rates in the last decade but South Korea disproportionately sees a higher rate of suicide. Both countries are experiencing a rise in suicide rates and so, suicide is seen as a huge social issue, with government and non governmental bodies aiming to combat it. In my investigation I will not only be researching who this issue affects and what issues seem to be the main cause for the growth in suicide rates, but also responses and ways people have tried to tackle this problem. To do this I will have to follow my aims, which…show more content…
This will be done in three ways:
I will draw up a questionnaire to find out people 's attitudes towards suicide in Wales and i will compare this with Korean statistics. This questionnaire will have a trial and a finished questionnaire which will allow me to alter any questions to make most of the questionnaire.
I will research official, governmental, responses to the social issue of suicide in South Korea and Wales.
I will research non official responses to the social issue of suicide in Korea and South Wales.

Again to do the research I will be researching official responses and non governmental responses to the suicide issue of suicide on the internet. I will be looking up governmental bills, laws or places they have addressed these issues publicly.

Aim Three: I will be looking up whether these responses have been effective as well as the population 's opinions on the responses. This again will be done in three ways:
I will research the statistical impact of these responses
Draw up another questionnaire about people 's opinions to these responses and if they think they have worked. I will then compare the official statistics to the questionnaire responses.

Suicide is the 15th biggest cause of death in the world [1] killing 800,000 people a year worldwide. South
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