Suicide Risk Reduction : Target Population

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Suicide Risk Reduction Target Population: Male & female teens 10-14. Because teen suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for Idahoans age 15-34 and specifically for males age 10-14 this program will be directly targeted to children, both male and female aged 10-17, (5th-12th grades). The specific behavior that will be targeted is bullying. Bullying is described as the ongoing physical or emotional victimization of a person by another person or group of people. Cyber-bullying is an emerging problem in which people use social media and texting, to harass and cause emotional harm to their victims. According to the Suicide Prevention Action Network of Idaho (SPAN) “Both victims and perpetrators of bullying are at a higher risk of suicide than their peers. Children who are both victims and perpetrators of bullying are at highest risk.” There are two main areas to intervene; school and family. By teaching how to identify students at risk for bullying and suicide we can create a population of informed individuals both student-peers and educators who are trained to step up and provide assistance in crisis. This objective encompasses both the individual and the group dynamic, and creates a triad of awareness, parent-teacher-friend. The individual at risk may not know how to access help, nor may not even recognize they are at risk. So it becomes the responsibility of friends, family and teachers to intervene (Group). There will be resources such as classroom
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