Suicide: Root Causes and Possible Prevention Strategies

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Suicide Prevention Methods Over the last several years, the issue of suicide and how to prevent it has been continually brought to the forefront. This is because these numbers are high in many countries around the globe. The different figures are showing, how 877 thousand lives are lost to it worldwide every single year. These amounts will vary from one country to the next, with Europe and the United States reporting the highest levels. Most notably: 10% for every 100 thousand deaths (in Europe) and 11% (inside the US). While other areas, mainly Latin America and Muslim countries averaged 6.5%. (Mann, 2005) These differences are underscoring the primary causes of suicide and why it is so prevalent in other regions. To fully understand what is happening, Mann (2005) conducted a review of the underlying origins of the problem, why it is higher in certain areas and the best ways to prevent it. Together, these elements are offering specific insights. That will assist researchers in understanding the main causes and the best strategies for reducing them. (Mann, 2005) In the study, Mann concluded that the changing suicide rates are based upon cultural differences in how people deal with their problems. This means that the US and Europe will report higher numbers because of the standard of living and common social customs / practices which are embraced. At the same time, he found that it is often under reported in many developing nations (such as: China, India, the Middle East

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