Suicide : Suicide And Suicide

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Suicide is a wildly talked about subject in this day and age. There are movies, books, papers, journals, and a wide spread of personal experiences. These experiences can be from thinking about suicide, making a gesture of attempting suicide or from people who knew somebody who went through with suicide. The experiences of suicide can lead to complications of survivors grieving process and also the stigmas that are associated with suicide. Unfortunately, we see a wide variety of suicide that happens all around the world. Especially in children who are bullied in school. I recently saw a few stories on the news. One story stated that a little boy who was constantly being kicked and punched because he didn’t fit in with the other…show more content…
Even trying to convince themselves that maybe if they stood with them or talked to them that they could have saved them. Craig miller was 8 years old when he first thought about ending his life. He didn’t have a good steady household and was being sexually molested by a neighbor. So when he turned 20 years old he believed life wasn’t for him and decided one night that he would down two hundred and fifty pills and went to bed. He woke up three days later in the hospital with his brother at his side. His brother asked him what it would take for him to want to live and at the time he had no answer. He is 38 years old today and is married with 2 little girls and he says those are his reasons for surviving his suicide attempt (Matchan, 2014). This man is lucky because he was crying out for help and someone noticed it. His brother loved him enough that he showed up when he needed him most. He is an attempted suicide survivor. The ideation of suicide is stated by a young girl. She has suicidal thoughts but is not suicidal. She goes on to say that she doesn’t think about suicide daily but she thinks about it pretty consistently. She imagines her death vividly pretty often even down to being found if she went through with it and how people would react to it. She thinks about who would care and what people would say about her. She even wonders how much better the lives that surround hers would be if she didn’t exist. She hates feeling like she’s a

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