Suicide : The Main Cause Of Death Around The World

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Suicidal behavior is one of the main causes of death around the world. Suicide is defined as the act of taking one’s own life, commonly due to mental illness or depression. There is a combination of community, individual, biological, and societal factors that contribute to the danger of suicide. Characteristics associated with suicide include: isolation (anti-social), loss (work, relational, financial, or social), family history of suicide, child maltreatment, mental disorder history, alcohol, and drug abuse history, aggressive or impulsive tendencies, clinical depression, prior suicide attempt(s), feelings of hopelessness, physical illness, and barriers (accessing mental health treatment). Even though several federally-funded suicide…show more content…
He concluded that, deficits in interference processing and learning/memory constitute an enduring defect in information processing that may contribute to poor (V, 2003)adaptation, other higher-order cognitive impairments and risk for suicidal behavior (Keilp, 2014).
The clinical syndrome of depression (i.e., major depressive disorder) includes alterations of mood such as sadness, irritability, despair or loss of motivation or pleasure, and psychophysiological symptoms involving appetite, sleep, libido, energy level, and psychomotor activity. For persons in the lower social strata, the odds of reporting depression are about 1.81 times higher than for those in the higher social strata, according to a recent meta-analysis focusing on socioeconomic status and depression (V, 2003). For example, it has been discovered that a rise in sadness is a common mood indictor of suicide, increased feelings of anxiety, shame, and anger.
Bullying among adolescents is an important health problem because it is harmful. Between 20% and 56% of young people are involved in bullying annually (Marci Feldman Hertz, July 2013). Research shows that both bullying victimization and perpetration are associated with psychosocial problems. Previous studies have found that victims, perpetrators, and bully-victims demonstrate elevated levels of depression,
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