Suicide: The Only Option?

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“Suicide on teenagers” Introduction Teenagers all around the world are having millions of suicidal thought running through their minds. Even if they have a happy childhood when they grow up and become adolescents, they can become suicidal.(Berman , 2006). There are several different factors that contribute to make a teenager think suicide is the only solution. Depression, bullying, lack of parent's attention are just some of many causes that lead to a teenager's suicide. In the United States suicide is the third cause of death in teenagers between 15-24 years old (Gould, 2004). Studies have shown that having a gun in the house is a big contributor to suicide. Many other causes can involve psychological issues like depression, a bipolar…show more content…
Another warning can be drawing back from friends and family and being more self-conducted. They don’t want to know any more about the outside world. Changes in appetite and sleeping habits are also important symptoms teenagers may show when they feel suicidal. These are just some examples of the most important contributors to suicidal thoughts. Others can be: tearfulness or frequent crying, loss of interest in extracurricular activities, fatigue, restlessness and agitations and lack of enthusiasm and motivation (Smith, Suzanne & Jeanne, 2013). Not all teenagers have a high risk of becoming suicidal. Mental problems at a young age can be big lead-outs to have high probabilities of suicide. People with mental problems are more vulnerable to kill themselves and it’s even more risky in teenagers since they are in a phase of life full of confusion, stress, worry, anxiety, and with a lot of social and academic pressure. Teenagers should be carefully watched by their parents but in a point where it’s not overwhelming for them, they should feel loved and cared but not harassed; keeping a safe distance. Doctors recommend having a good communication with your sons and daughters to make them feel in a comfortable and cozy environment to express their feelings not only about home matters but also about academic concerns including teachers and also very important, their social circles, who they hang out with in and out of school. Conclusion Albert
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