Suicide: The Story Behind It

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Suicide has become one of the many means that problematic individuals take into consideration to exempt from an unpleasant or oppressive situation. Suicide can be generally defined as the act of causing one’s death usually out of despair. People who are likely to commit suicide are those who suffer from severe mental illnesses and are involved with alcohol and drugs. Other than that, individuals who are experiencing unemployment and divorce can also be possible victims to commit such act. Based on the study done in the year 1997, an average of fifteen-percent who are clinically depressed ended up committing suicide. Furthermore, suicide was the eighth leading cause of death in the US (“Suicide”). It is prevalent for depressed individuals…show more content…
They will be left wondering what they could have done in order to avoid the suicide from happening in the first place. Also, they cannot help but to feel stigmatized by the others. Meanwhile, for the person who had committed suicide, he or she will never get another chance to find out if life could be better in the future for oneself because life only comes once for each human being in the world. Once they have committed the sin, they will never be able to come back. In other words, suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem (“Death”). Generally, suicide has a greater effect on the family members, close friends and relatives as compared to other groups of people. One of the ways to deal with this social crime is by trying to talk to the depressed and problematic individuals into seeing a counsellor. Counsellors normally have the general idea of how to overcome depression. Counsellors too understand the hardship that an individual has to go through each day. If the depressed person refuses to go for counselling, the closest and most trustworthy person could lend a helping hand by talking to that particular person individually. We can always start by asking about their worries, sorrows and the things that bothered them. Other than that, if the person still has not change his or her mind, try motivating him or her on the importance of being appreciative of the life
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