Suicide Theories.

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There are many different theories surrounding suicide. This essay shall briefly describe Durkheim 's Sociological Theory of suicide and Freud 's Psychoanalytic Theory. Psychological autopsies shall then be discussed which have contributed to Shneidman 's shared characteristics of suicide. Suicide victims and prevention will also be discussed.

Durkheim 's Sociological Theory of suicide identifies three different types of suicide - egoistic, altruistic and anomic. Egoistic suicide victims feel that they have too few ties to society and community. They feel alienated from others and cut off from the social supports that are important to keep them functioning adaptively as social beings. Altruistic suicides are responses to societal demands.
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Victims of suicide include children and adolescents. In America 3,000 15 - 19 year olds attempt suicide each year with attempts being made by children as young as 6. Other victims include individuals who commit copycat suicides i.e. copying an idol such as a musician. College students are possibly the group most associated
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