Suicide Theory Of Durkheim

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I have chosen to do research on Émile Durkheim because of the fact that he is considered one of the "founding fathers" of modern sociology and, because of his research on how industrialized societies caused it’s people to become unhappy and resulted in higher suicide rates as compared to less industrialized societies. This work of his is called Suicide and it grabbed my attention from the moment I found out about it. To me Suicide is such an intriguing research study and I would have never imagined that a technologically advanced and modern society would play such a big part in contributing to the suicide rate increasing within a society. Aside from that, just the sheer fact that Durkheim is an important contributor to the discipline of sociology makes him quite interesting to want to research. In the end, the information I learn from this research can help me better understanding the discipline of sociology by exposing me to the theories and the work of a well known and important sociologist. By exploring Durkheim’s work, I am opening doors that will lead me into the sociological world, which will connect me to other sociological topics and theorists, furthering my knowledge on the subject.

Durkheim was born in Épinal, located in the Lorraine province of France on April 15, 1858. Durkheim studied philosophy at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris in 1879 and graduated in 1882. Afterwards, Durkheim studied sociology in Germany and then moved to the University of Bordeaux

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