Suicide Was the Only Option: Elie Wiesel's Night Essay

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The Holocaust was the genocide of approximately six million people of innocent Jewish decent by the Nazi government. The Holocaust was a very tragic time in history due to the idealism that people were taken from their surroundings, persecuted and murdered due to the belief that German Nazi’s were superior to Jews. During the Holocaust, many people suffered both physically and mentally. Tragic events in people’s lives cause a change in their outlook on the world and their future. Due to the tragic events that had taken place being deceased in their lives, survivors often felt that death was a better option than freedom. The Holocaust was a traumatic event that changed everyone that survived. The psychological effects that survivors…show more content…
Holocaust survivors also suffered from depression. Though depression is a serious problem, it can be cured over a matter of time. The reason one suffers from depression vary from individual to individual. Unlike mood swings and temporary feelings, depression is constant. It is a constant struggle with emotions. This illness causes interference with one’s ability to perform everyday task, it jumbles a persons’ thoughts, behaviors and their overall attitude. Survivors had experienced a lot of loss during this time in their lives. They experienced loss of their families and friends. These losses take a toll on people’s mental stability. Survivors felt this loss when they were freed because they had memories of the family members and friends they had lost along the way. When they were taken to the camps they were stripped of their clothes, their jewelry and their homes. Towards the end of World War II when the Nazi’s were defeated, people were once again free to live life, many of the survivors were very sick or very young becoming unable to be aware of what should have potentially been the happiest day of their lives. When asked what the saddest day of her life was in an interview a woman by the name of Reilly stated: “I remember slipping slowly into an unconscious state of mind with occasional moments of lucidity…When I awoke from a dreadful nightmare there were friendly, smiling faces around me telling

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